Who are we

In mid September 2016 some of us met at a local cafe in Bandung driven by a common purpose that is to develop an ideal Software Development ecosystem in Bandung. Initially we met just to learn how to use Scrum at our workplaces. But after a few hours of discussion we saw something bigger, that is to create an ideal software development ecosystem in Bandung by actively sharing the Scrum practices that we have practiced at our workplace with each other. We believe by supporting each other's journey in using Scrum, we are moving closer towards our dream. From the conversation we had there we decided to initiate Scrum Bandung community and become the torch bearer for software development community that emphasizes agility and professionalism in Indonesia.

We are a group of people who are passionate about people and Scrum. We are care about people and how Scrum improves people's life. We'd like to share our passion throughout the nation through an national event called Scrum Day Bandung. Scrum Day Bandung is owned by everyone who have the same passion like us. We are purely community driven and not taking any economic advantage from the movement.

You can either be a profit driven organisation or a mission driven organisation, but not both. We are a non-profit organisation with an ultimate mission. Our ultimate mission is to develop an ideal Software Development Ecosystem where:

  • Software Developers can be professionals who do the right thing and develop high quality software without any fear and judgment;
  • Customers who respect professionalism in software development and understand that software development requires creativity, learning and innovation;
  • and Management who leads by serving so that software developers can reach their ultimate goal in life that is to be the best version of themselves.

Any financial support that we have received from individuals and companies will be used to make our dream come true. In 2017 we will run events that will serve our purpose to develop an ideal Software Development ecosystem in Bandung. Scrum Day Bandung 2017 will be one of those events.

Our Activities:

  1. Meet Up using Lean Coffee or Open Space format every 2 weeks.
  2. Daily discussion on Messaging Group.
  3. Female Scrum Discussion to create a safe environment in software development for Females.
  4. Scrum goes to campus.